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NGIC has an intelligence community career field and specialty for nearly every skillset and expertise. All NGIC positions–from entry level to senior leadership—require a Top Secret security clearance.

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Current Job Openings:

Interdisciplinary (MatEngrMechEngrElecEngrAeroEngrPhySciPhysicist)

Position Closes: 07/22/2024

Grade: GG07

Salary:  $79,735 - $103,658 per year 

Serves as a scientific and technical intelligence analyst performing developmental-level duties. Responsible for research and analysis to produce targeted intelligence products related to Position, Navigation, and Timing. Prepares finished intelligence products and portions of major projects based upon that research and analysis. Consults with supervisor or senior analysts to identify customer requirements, activity and agency mission objectives, and significant new information or trends for assigned portions of major research projects.

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Security Specialist (Industrial)

Position Closes: 07/19/2024

Grade: GG12

Salary:  $86,962 - $113,047 per year

Serves as principal action officer for administration of the National Industrial Security Program (NISP) for National Ground Intelligence Center (NGIC). Serves as Security Specialist for the Industrial Security program. Verify contractor eligibility to perform on such contracts and provides advice and guidance to contracting officers to ensure conformity with NISP requirements. Perform research and reviews, Performance Work Statements (PWS), Sole Source Justifications, Performance Surveillance Requirements (PRS), Operations and Maintenance requirements in the preparation of procurement packages and contract specifications.


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Summer Internship Opportunity | Jun-Aug 2025:

You will serve as an Intelligence Aid and will be provided with on-the-job training designed to familiarize the intern with specific intelligence functions, operations, and responsibilities. The incumbent performs progressively responsible assignments requiring the application of specific knowledge and professional and/or management theories, principles, and practices.

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NGIC participates in the Department of Defense SMART Scholarship Program and hosts additional summer interns through the NGIC StudINT Internship Program.


StudINT Internship Program

NGIC offers a paid summer internship opportunity to full-time university students. Interns serve in a paid developmental Intelligence Specialist role, working alongside a team of scientists, engineers, and GMI analysts to support NGIC's primary mission.





Although specific NGIC benefits can vary based on position, location, and employment status, below are some of the benefits that NGIC employees typically enjoy:

____ ____

Healthcare Coverage

NGIC offers comprehensive health insurance plans, including medical, dental, and vision coverage. Employees have several plan options to choose from including FSA and HSA opportunities.

Retirement Plans

NGIC full-time employees are eligible to participate in Federal retirement plans, including the Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS). These plans provide retirement income based on years of service and salary.

Paid Leave

NGIC employees receive paid vacation and sick leave, along with paid Federal holidays and paid parental leave up to 12 weeks.

____ ____

Training and Professional Development

NGIC supports ongoing training and offers professional development opportunities to enhance employees' skills and knowledge.


Employee Care

NGIC promotes work-life balance by offering flexible work schedules, teleworking options, and supports childcare assistance. The Employee Assistance Program provides confidential counseling and support services to employees and their families.


Onsite Amenities

NGIC offers onsite amenities, including a fitness center, dining facilities, and a childcare facility.

Please note that specific benefits and eligibility criteria may vary, so employees and prospective employees are advised to refer to official documentation for detailed information about the benefits NGIC offers. In addition, benefits may change over time, so staying updated with the latest information is important.


NGIC plays the crucial role of providing ground-based intelligence support to the U.S. Army. NGIC’s culture focuses first and foremost on NGIC’s people. 

Although NGIC’s subcultures and focuses vary somewhat by directorate and division, the following common characteristics are prominent in the organization's culture as a whole.



Mission-Oriented Environment 

NGIC's primary focus is on providing timely and accurate ground intelligence to support national security and military operations. The mission of NGIC employees emphasizes the organization’s role as the nation’s designated ground force intelligence authority.


Employees at NGIC understand the significance of the intelligence they provide and are dedicated to performing their duties with precision and accuracy.


Collaboration is essential within the intelligence community, and NGIC is no exception. Employees often work closely with colleagues, as well as other intelligence agencies, to gather and analyze information to fulfill NGIC’s mission.

Continuous Learning

The intelligence field is dynamic and ever evolving. NGIC employees are encouraged to engage in continuous learning, stay up to date with the latest developments in the field, and seek opportunities for professional development and training.


NGIC operates in a rapidly changing global environment. Employees must be adaptable and able to respond effectively to new and emerging threats or challenges.

Diversity and Inclusion

The intelligence community values diversity and inclusion. NGIC, like other intelligence agencies, strives to create an inclusive environment that encourages the contributions of people from various backgrounds and experiences.


A high degree of professionalism is expected of NGIC employees. This professionalism includes behaviors such as punctuality and respect for colleagues.


Many employees are driven by a strong sense of patriotism and service to their country. This sense of duty often underlies their commitment to NGIC’s mission.




NGIC Employee Resource Groups

ERGs were conceived to be informal grassroots organizations that encourage diversity, equity, inclusion, and Accessibility (DEIA) conversations, increase networking and communication, build trust and psychological safety, identify equal opportunity challenges, propose remedies and suggestions, and promote a positive workplace culture.  

The NGIC ERGs reflect the Army’s EEO and human capital policies and the Army’s sponsorship of Special Emphasis Programs (SEPs) as envisioned in the NGIC 2028 Strategy and Army People Strategy.

African American Employee Resource Group
Promotes, shapes, and builds a DEIA  culture through NGIC collaborative efforts and DoD, IC, and community partnerships.

Federally Employed Women Employee Resource Group
Supports an inclusive community to create awareness of the experiences of NGIC employees, regardless of gender identity, by promoting honest dialogue, professional development, knowledge sharing, mentorship, and networking.

LGBTQ+ Employee Resource Group
Aims to be a strategic partner with NGIC to promote a DEIA culture through continual learning. Connects with NGIC employees to amplify their concerns and initiatives.


NGIC Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility Policy

NGIC is committed to enhancing organizational culture to create a welcoming, mission-focused environment that fosters diversity and inclusion. We seek to develop a corporate citizenship and cohesive community that promotes a sense of value and belonging, and a positive, creative, and supportive work environment for all. We aim to learn and grow from our diversity and diverse experiences.  

We pledge to be open and receptive to new ideas and disparate perspectives. We will listen to those voices that may not always be included, heard, or understood, and encourage more open communication and increased respect between employees and supervisors at all levels.

NGIC as an organization is committed to providing equal employment and advancement opportunity for all employees and applicants on the basis of merit and without regard to race, color, religion, sex (including pregnancy, gender identity, and sexual orientation), age, national origin, and physical or mental disability.

NGIC’s EEO mission statement is to promote an inclusive and diverse culture that ensures equal employment opportunity, optimizing the talents and skills of our competent, agile, and diverse workforce as they contribute to the overall mission of NGIC.