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We produce intelligence on foreign ground forces to enable U.S. decision advantage through competition, crisis, and conflict.


As our nation’s designated ground force intelligence authority, NGIC delivers ground force intelligence across all domains to help prevent and decisively win wars. Our deep knowledge of the military capabilities of key strategic competitors, rogue states, and the partners and proxies they exploit, is critical to understanding how our adversaries prosecute and project great power competition around the world.



We are a talented and diverse workforce that fuels the Army's intelligence engine in a multidomain environment, using modernized processes, common authorities, national priorities, and strong partnerships. We serve national priorities by providing our customers with timely ground force intelligence in a format that meets their needs.

All applicants must be:
  • U.S. citizens (dual citizens also eligible)
  • At least 18 years of age
  • Willing to move to the assigned geographic area
  • Able to complete security and background evaluations

Note: Our hiring process may be lengthy, but it can lead to an exciting career in which you will contribute to a team focused on providing intelligence today for tomorrow’s fight.







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NGIC is grounded in the rich military history of brave soldiers dedicated to protecting the United States. We serve that tradition by providing strategic intelligence to keep our nation safe.