Cold War: The Soviet Threat

The seemingly endless Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union went on unabated for nearly 45 years. The KGB (Soviet Security and Intelligence Service) and the GRU (Soviet Military Intelligence) carried out a systematic program to recruit Americans. Lower-grade enlisted personnel were frequent targets, especially anyone having access to classified documents. Agents of both sides shared the same basic tools of the spy trade, including cameras and specialized equipment. The Military Liaison Mission was an agreed-upon means by which the Soviets and the Allies could monitor East and West Germany against a surprise mobilization by the other side. Counterintelligence personnel would follow the Soviet teams (facilitated by special license plates that identified a vehicle as belonging to a MLM) to ensure they did not stray into restricted areas and to determine their targets of interest. Everywhere US Army personnel were stationed in the world, counterintelligence agents were continually vigilant in providing force protection, monitoring the activities of Communist agitators to foment subversion and conduct sabotage.