By continue you have indicated that you wish to report Suspicious Activity, IAW AR-381-12 " Threat Awareness and Reporting 
Program" (TARP) 
and wish to be contacted by U.S. Army Counterintelligence. If you have an emergency call 911 or your local Military Police.

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SIZE:     How many, how large? Report the number of personnel, vehicles, aircraft or size of an object/activity.
ACTIVITY:     What were they doing? Asking suspicious questions, attempting to conduct terrorist
activity. Where were they going? Direction of movement, troops digging in, taking picture, artillery fire,
type of attack.
LOCATION:     Where did the incident occur? Address, location, grid coordinate, internet address, email, etc.
UNIT:     Report the enemy's unit, If unit is unknown, report distinctive features, patches, symbols, markings etc. license plate numbers, description, etc.
TIME:     Time the incident occurred, not the time you are reporting.
EQUIPMENT:     Report all equipment associated with the activity (phones, cameras, recording
equipment, weapons, vehicles, tools, computers, etc). If unable to identify equipment provide as
much details as possible.

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