INSCOM Inspector General Action Request

This web form may be used to submit a report to the INSCOM IG. Although anonymous submissions are allowed, action cannot be taken on your behalf without sufficient identifying information. This form is not intended for general complaints, and should only be used in circumstances where the attention of the INSCOM IG is required.

This information is submitted for the basic purpose of requesting assistance, correcting injustices affecting the individual, or eliminating conditions considered detrimental to the efficiency or reputation of the Army. Those who knowingly and intentionally provide false statements on this form are subject to potential punitive and administrative action (UCMJ Art 107, 18 USC 1001).

If you are not contacted by the INSCOM IG within 72 duty-hours of submitting your request, please call our office @ 571-515-7439.


You can attach and e-mail details or attachments on the next page after a form is submitted. Ensure your contact information is complete, and an IG representative can get in contact with you after submitting without details.